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Why the media need to tread carefully when reporting research findings

31 January 2017

Last week, the Australian of the Year[] was awarded to biomedical scientist and stem cell researcher, Professor Alan Mackay-Sim. To have a scientist recognised for such a prestigious award was extraordinary, especially during such a...

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29 December 2016

Health spent a lot of time in the spotlight in 2016. Medicare was a major issue in Australia’s federal election and numerous government reviews into health were announced and reported. The Conversation Labor...

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Health System Sustainability


Prepare your Hospital for BYOD

27 October 2014

In a professional sector where security is essential, bring your own device (BYOD) is surprisingly common in healthcare, with staff members using their own portable devices (whether tablet, smartphone or laptop) to perform...

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Innovation & Technology


Hugh Jackman is #FeelingNuts on Twitter

13 October 2014

With winter in the rear-view mirror, a new and less chilling online campaign seems to have replaced the Ice Bucket Challenge. #FeelingNuts is highly visible on Twitter, and it could help doctors and other health...

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Clinical Impacts

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Facebook hungry for Healthcare

03 October 2014

Facebook may be eyeing the healthcare space to create new communities and apps. Given Facebook's privacy history, users will be wary. Facebook, already an expert at building communities and collecting a wealth of members'...

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Social Media

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TED talk encourages nerds to talk sexy

15 September 2014

Melissa Marshall once had to teach a communications class to engineering students. In this 4-minute talk, Marshall explains how she taught scientists to better communicate their work to a general audience. If your job involves...

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Medical Communications

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Improving patient experience

28 August 2014

We’re always trying to think of innovative and creative ways to promote hospitals and specialty medical practices to patients and the referring community. Sometimes it is best to take a step back. Go back to...

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Medical Communications


Social media crimes - Have you committed them?

12 August 2014

Social media marketing makes it easier than ever to connect to thousands of potential customers, carers and patients, but winning the trust and interest of your audience isn’t always straightforward. These eight common social...

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Social Media

Heart ECG

Get your digital health basics right

22 July 2014

IT IS easy to get distracted by the latest health apps or other new 'shiny digital objects', and overlook the value of core digital marketing tactics which are essential for driving an organisation's...

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Digital Health


Evidence: representation and interpretation

09 July 2014

SCIENCE has always been hotly contested within its community, where hypotheses are subject to rigorous scrutiny, validation and replication. Peer-review has long been deployed as a form of self-regulation by qualified experts within a...

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