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Better pain management at end of life

27 November 2013

ONE-QUARTER of elderly people experience pain during the last two years of their life, and the percentage of people with pain increases to about 50% in the last four months of life. Pain management...

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Quality Choices

Promoting quality at end of life

21 November 2013

*Calls for change to end of life care* Current practices in end-of-life medical care require major change to ensure more Australians experience ‘better’ deaths, according to a panel of medical, ethical and legal experts. The...

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The transformative impact of social media in science

06 November 2013

A SINGLE ‘fact sheet’ or emergency alert can spread across Twitter faster than a virus. Scientists and organisations are effectively harnessing online social platforms, networks and resources to build community, improve understanding, develop engagement...

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Social Media

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Giving science a voice

18 October 2013

GOOD SCIENCE is more important than ever, but it is not enough. Scientists are very good at taking simple things and making sense of them. This means voyaging into the minutiae, hypotheses, data sets, acronyms,...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

01 October 2013

Today, like every other day in Australia: 40 women were diagnosed with breast cancer  Most were aged between 40 and 69 years Whilst there is an 89% chance of surviving five years after diagnosis, another...

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Sourcing Tips

Sourcing reliable information on social media

27 September 2013

THE WEB and online platforms are becoming increasingly important channels through which key scientific institutions and bodies communicate their findings, discoveries and knowledge. But how do I know if the information I'm accessing is current,...

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Social Media


Scientific information and credibility online

21 September 2013

THERE are a lot of preconceptions and myths about social media. 

 In certain circles, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ are still pejorative terms dispensed with little understanding about their role in a new digital era. They...

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Social Media


New guidelines for fertility treatment

16 September 2013

FERTILITY problems affect more people than we might think, and they can have a potentially devastating effect on people’s lives. Some people spend years trying unsuccessfully to fall pregnant. It can be a long,...

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Asthma hospitalisation rates fall

11 September 2013

ASTHMA hospitalisation rates have dropped by one-third in children and almost halved in adults over the past decade, national figures reveal. An Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report shows there were just 495 asthma...

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Mobile health and the dawning of a new era?

03 September 2013

THE ABILITY to interpret key factors that influence health and wellbeing is increasingly mediated through technology. Such technology provides real-time and valid information about patients, individuals, our movements and interactions with the environment, social...

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