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Mediterranean diet impacts the genetic risk of stroke

28 August 2013

FOOD HABITS are known to be critical determinants of cardiovascular disease (CVD) at both an individual and a population level. The effects of a gene-diet interaction on cardiovascular disease however is less well understood. A...

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Clinical Impacts

Steps towards innovation

... Or simple steps towards innovation

21 August 2013

IN A previous piece, we outlined some of the common characteristics of avoidance. In the place of creative thinking and action, we examined a well-rehearsed set of logics used to delay genuine innovation. But when...

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Innovation & Technology

Avoiding innovation

Avoiding innovation ...

19 August 2013

WE ALL know that innovation is the next best step. At some point, what there currently is, will be replaced. It’s just a matter of time. The real choice is when and how...

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Innovation & Technology

Bed Question

Sleep deprivation, appetite and food selection

14 August 2013

WE KNOW that epidemiological evidence supports a link between sleep loss and obesity. It is also generally believed that sleep deprivation increases our desire for food. What is less well understood is the impact...

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Clinical Impacts

3 Camera Orange and white

Cameras, ethics and clinical practice

12 August 2013

PROFESSIONAL medical photography is a widely established practice for evidencing care, recording patient condition and teaching. What is less understood is the extent and practice of clinician-taken medical photography during day-to-day clinical duties in Australian...

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Medical Communications

Prostate specific antigen

Consensus reached on prostate screening

08 August 2013

RECENT guideline statements and recommendations have led to further confusion and controversy regarding the use of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) testing for the early detection of prostate cancer. Despite high-level evidence for the use...

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Clinical Impacts

Breast cancer

Study ties blood-pressure drugs to breast cancer

07 August 2013

WOMEN taking a common class of drugs to control high blood pressure - called calcium channel blockers or calcium antagonists - may more than double their risk for breast cancer if they continue...

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Gene patents: IP Australia releases new consultation paper

06 August 2013

THE patentability of genes is a complex, emotive and pressing issue worldwide. It raises any number of health access, public policy, health expenditure, ethical and legal questions. What is the effect of granting patents...

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Legislation & Law


Bowel cancer and 'sugary snacks'

19 July 2013

SNACKING on sweets and sugary treats may increase the risk of bowel cancer, a new UK study has found. The study, published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, is the first of...

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Barriers to innovation

08 July 2013

THE 'Innovation in Australian Business' report, compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, provides important insights into a range of practices related to innovation undertaken in this country. In the recently released *2010-2011 survey*, Australian businesses...

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Innovation & Technology