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Aboriginal Drawing

Closing the gap with social media

08 July 2013

NEW digital platforms and social media are transforming opportunities for health innovation and promotion in indigenous communities. In recent years, a growing number of health professionals, institutions and providers have been turning to Information and...

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Social Media

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Content Craving

04 July 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: Successful medical, scientific, innovation and regulatory content combines evidence-based knowledge with communications expertise and compelling visual acuity. It builds brands, attracts professional interest and engages consumers.         CEU Infographic Content Craving2

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Digital Health

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Innovating patient experience

01 July 2013

WHAT is innovation? Innovation is a new use, or the application of something for a completely new end, or purpose. It may involve a novel idea, approach or method, or a new product or...

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Innovation & Technology

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Learning from paediatric care models

24 June 2013

THE Medical Journal of Australia recently gave voice to the challenges of transitioning younger patients with rare and chronic diseases to adult health services. There is an increasing body of research focusing on the effective...

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Innovation & Technology

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Driving innovation in healthcare

22 June 2013

RESISTANCE to innovation and change is common to all healthcare reform. Persistent individual routines, organisational silos and bureaucratic barriers to innovation require specific strategies. Jennifer Stinson was a nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)...

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Innovation & Technology

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A new website to improve public understanding about healthcare

15 June 2013

LOOKING for a website dedicated to improving the quality and flow of news, dialogue and public understanding about health care. Healthnewsreview evaluates health care journalism, advertising, information and messages that may influence consumers. It also...

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Medical Communications

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New collaborations in health policy reporting

14 June 2013

THE impact of media reporting on consumer understanding and expectations of health policy is now well known. Stories and recurrent story-lines about health evidence and interventions help to frame the public agenda and...

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Medical Communications


Tax credits for Health R&D

08 June 2013

IF YOU are engaging in health innovation where the core activities are experimental, based on science and conducted for the purpose of generating new knowledge, devices or processes you may be eligible for...

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Innovation & Technology

Cloud computing

The National Cloud Computing Strategy

06 June 2013

CLOUD computing has significant potential to promote more productive, innovative and agile organisations according to a new strategy released by the Federal Government. The National Cloud Computing Strategy outlines a series of ways to...

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Innovation & Technology

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Televisitation: linking patients with family and friends

27 May 2013

THE need to find more innovative ways to link patients with family and friends has long been known. Isolation from community supports, family and friends is an added burden for patients coping with...

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Innovation & Technology