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The Design Way: A Report on the Healthcare Innovation and Design Conference 2013

18 April 2013

CEUTICA recently sponsored and organised a path-breaking workshop to explore the design way in health care. The inaugural event, entitled ‘Health Innovation and Service Design – Fusing Horizons’, took place on 22-24 March 2013...

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Innovation & Technology

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The British Library to preserve digital content

10 April 2013

THE British Library has begun harvesting digital content. An exciting new initiative, it will guarantee research access to diverse forms of digital content for the ages to come. The announcement comes after years of planning...

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Digital Health

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The importance of health literacy

11 March 2013

HAVE you ever had to care or advocate for a family member or friend? Perhaps you've found yourself trying to navigate the complex web of specialists, in-patient administration counters, medication regimes, ward protocols or...

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Medical Communications

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Content tactics for the best ROI

01 March 2013

IN a world of digital ‘clutter’, with competition for audience attention escalating, stand-out content plays an even greater role. Fresh, compelling content is fundamental to marketing success, but it can also be expensive to...

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Digital Health

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Soft drink links to depression

11 January 2013

A NEW study suggests that drinking more than four sweetened drinks a day, especially diet drinks, is associated with an increased risk of depression in adults. Drinking coffee was tied to a slightly...

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Clinical Impacts

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'Wiki' guidelines: a new way to produce treatment guidelines

09 January 2013

NEW Australian treatment guidelines have been published in a new, ground-breaking format. The new ‘Clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of lung cancer’, released in late December, is available in a new ‘wiki’ format...

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Medical Communications

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Metformin magic: new mechanism uncovered

07 January 2013

METFORMIN is an effective treatment in the reduction of overactive glucose production associated with diabetes and other disorders related to insulin resistance. It is also the most frequently prescribed drug for type 2 diabetes. Despite...

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Clinical Impacts