Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Today, like every other day in Australia:

  • 40 women were diagnosed with breast cancer 
  • Most were aged between 40 and 69 years
  • Whilst there is an 89% chance of surviving five years after diagnosis, another 7 died
  • Earlier detection through regular mammograms improves treatment outcomes.

Regular screening is essential as it can often detect a cancer before it is felt or noticed. 

Click on the below tool kits for practical ideas, facts and updates about breast cancer and to celebrate the mothers, daughters, sisters & friends we love and have loved. 


Breast Cancer Resources

TOOL KIT BreastCancer Whatisit TOOL KIT BreastCancer Stats TOOL KIT BreastCancer Screening
TOOL KIT BreastCancer Living TOOL KIT BreastCancer Treatment TOOL KIT BreastCancer Support