Content tactics for the best ROI

IN a world of digital ‘clutter’, with competition for audience attention escalating, stand-out content plays an even greater role.

Fresh, compelling content is fundamental to marketing success, but it can also be expensive to create.

This makes the selection and use of marketing content an important business decision. So what are the most cost-effective forms of content?

It is not a one size fits all situation. It is dependent upon too many factors to be cavalier – the types of products or services, the messages involved, their place in the product or business cycle, audience and delivery pathways, just to mention a few.

Email marketing is a simple-to-use and now well-established practice. And it will remain so for certain uses and applications, especially as a means of communicating to consenting members or subscribers.

However, the marketing landscape is changing and with it the choice of tools and tactics companies are choosing to use.

There are indications that email marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are losing in popularity.

A carefully considered, well-targeted social media strategy remains an important component in the mix.

The real shift is towards content marketing. In a recent survey, the number of marketers listing content marketing as their top priority almost doubled from 18.9% in 2012 to 34.8% in 2013.

Video is high on the content marketing preference list. Video is increasingly popular, great for audience engagement and has excellent cut-through – but it is difficult to source and produce. It can be a complex and expensive process.

Interactive media is also effective, although often involves similar challenges.

By far the most cost-effective types of content are feature articles followed by white papers and photos. It seems there is no substitute for creating and publishing carefully targeted articles and blogs.

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