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Get your digital health basics right

IT IS easy to get distracted by the latest health apps or other new 'shiny digital objects', and overlook the value of core digital marketing tactics which are essential for driving an organisation's message and measuring success.

When was the last time you stepped back to see how well your team was executing on core digital tactics related to website, search, display ads and email?

Here are some things to think about when evaluating the health of your digital marketing communications.

Review your website

Compelling website content drives audience engagement and loyalty among customers and users.

It also demonstrates expertise, knowledge and authority.

Take the time to assess how well your website integrates with your other communications and marketing efforts?

Is it serving your organisation’s needs? Keep top-of-mind the importance of health and scientific literacy. What small tweaks can you make?

Tweak your search

What are you doing to ensure you are optimised for people on search engines (SEO)?

Are there certain topic searches and interest areas your organisation should ‘own’?

Ensure your organisation and brand are top-of-mind and first-in-line in Internet searches across key topic and informational areas.

There is a great deal you can do to boost your organic ranking, even without investing in online advertising.

Simply tweaking site design and architecture along with tags, keywords, links and metadata can significantly improve visibility.

Refine Ad displays

Check any display ads currently in use.

Where are your placements? Are they appropriate and targeting the right audiences? Have you tracked your return on investment? Do your taglines have cut-through?

Get these simple digital marketing tactics right.

Engage directly with email

Email still works … well. Well targeted and regular email marketing campaigns or member information updates remain effective ways to establish ongoing dialogue and build relationships.

Keep the material topical and the permissions current.

For more information about how to review and improve upon your digital performance, give us a quick call.

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