The National Cloud Computing Strategy

CLOUD computing has significant potential to promote more productive, innovative and agile organisations according to a new strategy released by the Federal Government.

The National Cloud Computing Strategy outlines a series of ways to promote the use of cloud computing to drive innovation and productivity across the Australian economy.

The availability of cloud services mean that we no longer have to buy, build, update and maintain expensive computer hardware. Instead, users can access specific services located in the ‘cloud’.

This enables organisation to focus on their core business, leverage operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

The strategy identifies three core goals and action sets to meets its vision. For their part, the Federal Government will

1. Lead the way by directing government agencies consider cloud services for all new information purchases

2. Provide protections and tools to facilitate public confidence and the uptake cloud services amongst small businesses, organisations and consumers

3. Support of a vibrant cloud services sector with enabling regulatory settings to promote growth and effective competition, foster innovation and support the emergence of a skilled workforce.

The global market for cloud services is estimated to reach revenues of US$66 billion in 2016. And while the adoption of cloud computing has been accelerating globally at an annual growth rate of almost 30 per cent, sections of the healthcare industry have been slow to adapt.

Many science, healthcare and regulatory organisations remain hamstrung by antiquated ICT architecture, out-dated software, analogue systems, paper-based records and non-digitalised images and information.

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