New ways to connect and collaborate

SOCIAL MEDIA is still in its formative years, but it is no longer a fad. This is a new era of science communication.

Social networking through new media is an entrenched way of sharing, communicating and collaborating at both an institutional and an individual level.

Like mobile phones, email and texting over the last decade, the impact of social media and networking is multiplying exponentially.

As science, health, innovation and regulatory pursuits become increasingly global, so does the requirement for scientists, professionals, governments, organisations and brands to master this new social realm.

What makes social media so powerful lies beyond its ability to provide alerts, updates, real-time information, promotion, diagrams and images.

Social media connects organisations and people. Today in the US, more than 50% of the population say they engage with more people online than in their everyday life.

The worlds inhabited by scientists, journalists and the public are now significantly overlapping.

Key findings are quickly shared with influencers, opinion leaders, policy makers and funders – people beyond conventional reach.

The scientists, professionals, organisations and brands who embrace and strategically maximise online efforts will find greater loyalty and engagement with their stakeholders, funders, markets, members and communities than those who don’t.

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