The transformative impact of social media in science

A SINGLE ‘fact sheet’ or emergency alert can spread across Twitter faster than a virus.

Scientists and organisations are effectively harnessing online social platforms, networks and resources to build community, improve understanding, develop engagement and advocacy campaigns, generate productivity tools and accelerate return on investment.

Although the type of online conversations and shared content can vary widely, scientists, brands, associations and organisations are increasingly using social media to transform the impact and reach of their message.

Social media also has direct productivity building capacity. The use of social media, in combination with the use of intelligence, can be a significant accelerator of research, innovation and market processes.

Social media can function as a knowledge map pointing towards data locations, experts and expertise.

It can also actively facilitate rich and valuable forms of dialogue and professional exchange in its own right.

Social media will continue to grow as an important and indispensable source of social connection, collaboration and information into the future - this is only the beginning.

We are already helping leading science, health and regulatory organisations transform into social enterprises using social media as a primary tool.

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