A new website to improve public understanding about healthcare

LOOKING for a website dedicated to improving the quality and flow of news, dialogue and public understanding about health care.

Healthnewsreview evaluates health care journalism, advertising, information and messages that may influence consumers. It also seeks to help consumers critically examine claims about health care.

By providing tools that consumers can use to better evaluate healthcare information, the organisation aims to inform, amplify and empower patient decision-making.

The funding for the website is provided by the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation which has been working in the USA for over 20 years to advance evidence-based and shared decision-making.

The Foundation, made up of medical editors and clinical advisors from a number of prestigious medical institutions, believes all patients should be:

1. Supported and encouraged to participate in health care decisions

2. Fully informed about care options with accurate, understandable and unbiased information

3. Honoured with respect to their personal needs and concerns

Healthnewsreview provides a systematic, criteria-driven and enabling critique of published health stories and news.

The site provides a toolkit with a collection of resources for evaluating health claims and tips for understanding research.

A similar local website, Media Doctor Australia, went inactive last year due to a lack of resources.


For more information, link here. 

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