DonateLife Week 2014 - Have the conversation

DID you know that one organ and tissue donor can transform the lives of 10 or more people?

Organ and tissue donation saves lives. In 2013, organ donors gave 1,222 Australians a new chance in life.

As part of Australia’s national awareness week to promote organ and tissue donation, we are all being asked to have a chat with our loved ones so we know their donation decisions.

A key theme of the DonateLife Week 2014 is that a ‘chat’ could one day saves lives.

Although many Australians have discussed the subject with family members, only 53% know their loved ones’ donation decisions.

We know families that have discussed each other’s donation decisions are much more likely to respect those decisions.

To help kick-start the conversations, a free, online toolkit is available to provide key ideas, messages and resources.

The toolkit includes information on how to:

  • Host a ‘Have a chat’ event 
  • Start a discussion in the workplace 
  • Generate community awareness for the week 
  • Engage in the social media conversation

The campaign includes pro-forma text that can be used in community organisations to promote the event and its goals.

A draft email that you might like to adapt and send to select family and loved ones about your donation decision is also provided.

Campaign hashtags to use when posting or tweeting about DonateLife Week are also provided.

Perhaps the most compelling contribution is an online collection of personal life-saving and life-changing stories from ordinary Australians about donation. This allows you to join others and submit your own story.

So, let’s join in the conversation.

If you have any queries, please contact DonateLife Week 2014 directly.



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