New collaborations in health policy reporting

THE impact of media reporting on consumer understanding and expectations of health policy is now well known.

Stories and recurrent story-lines about health evidence and interventions help to frame the public agenda and in doing so shape the way people think about health care.

In recognition of this nexus, health professionals and organisations are looking for new ways to translate health policy evidence for audiences.

This is giving rise to opportunities for innovative new forms of multi-disciplinary and cross sector collaboration. A recent study evaluates the success of one such collaboration.

An independent, web-based project in Canada has emerged with its objective to make the latest evidence on controversial health policy issues known to the media.

The website,, represents a new model of multi-disciplinary and sector collaboration.

In an effort to bring together journalists and health policy experts, the site profiles evidence on the latest controversial health policy issues. Journalists are given access to over 70 highly qualified experts to discuss the newsworthy and relevant health topics.

Links between key knowledge brokers in health care policy evidence and journalists are emerging across the country.

The project also actively encourages health academics and experts to publish more broadly than in specialist journals. Guidelines for Op-ed writing have been released to assist experts bring the evidence to new audiences.


For more information, link here. 

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