'Wiki' guidelines: a new way to produce treatment guidelines

NEW Australian treatment guidelines have been published in a new, ground-breaking format.

The new ‘Clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of lung cancer’, released in late December, is available in a new ‘wiki’ format from the Cancer Council Australia website.

A wiki is a website which allows people to add, modify or delete the content via a web browser. Wikis allow for new forms of collaborative effort in the creation and publication of online content.

The previous lung cancer guidelines were published in 2004 and were pretty much out of date by the time they had been vetted by the National Health Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

It is hoped that this new format will allow for the more frequent update of the guidelines as new evidence becomes available.

Wikis still impose rules with regard to the organisation and moderation of content.

Patients, carers and doctors, among others, will be able to comment on the guidelines as and when they become aware of significant new evidence or information.

This evidence will be referred to a specialist working party to make any final editorial decisions.

For more information, link here.

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