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Over 571 new websites are created every 60 seconds - drive better engagement through effective digital health

As more of the health sector moves online, your organisation will need an increasingly powerful presence. <<see more>>

You will need to attract, connect and retain your audience. Then you'll need to convince them why they should select your facility, treatment or service delivery options.

We have enormous expertise in bringing your values to life, immersing people in your online world, creating clear differentiation, exploiting valuable social media opportunities and telling people everything they need to know about you in a simple and compelling way. We create social brands for clever people.


Digital Health Services

We deliver a range of digital marketing and strategic services for science and health organisations, businesses and governments. Click on the links below for more information

Medical Marketing


Digital Strategy


Social Marketing

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Mobile Health - mHealth


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Health SEO

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Website Design & Build   Email Direct Marketing   Metrics and Analytics
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Medical and Health Content

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Medical Content Creation

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Digital Health Team

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We have a talented pool of experienced information architects, digital geeks, thought-leading creatives, designers, SEO and meta-taggers, who are backed by a team of patient advocates, clinicians, medical writers, health journalists, medical educators and science communicators.


Ceutica Promise

We deliver compelling digital tools and cross-platform digital programs that are:

  • Designed around a solid evidence-base to grow ideas, brands and businesses. 

  • Strategically crafted to stir emotion, inspire action and transform behaviours

  • Tailored to attract your target audience using your brand’s voice / persona

  • Edited to meet stringent TGA and Medsafe regulatory requirements & industry guidelines

  • Optimised for search engine results (SEO & SEM)

  • Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
  • Measured against metrics to maximise impact and ROI.


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Digital Health Promise

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