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Ceutica is Australia's premier health content and medical writing company.

The art of science communication is creating a perfect union between peer-reviewed evidence, clearly crafted words and excellence in targeted delivery.

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Science and medicine is often complex and difficult to explain. We translate evidence-based science into effective publictions, important health messages and practice.

Ceutica is a leading science communications and medical writing consultancy. Our strategically savvy and talented pool of experienced clinicians, medical writers, health journalists, medical educators and science communicators have experience across the scientific, acute, primary, community and aged care sectors. 

For over 15 years our team combine their marketing, biomedical, research and clinical experience with skills in literature research, writing and editing. We understand the science and work with you to deliver accurate and effective publications.

Our medical writing experts ensure that technical and medical communication materials are clear, concise, scientifically accurate and compliant with regulations, industry best practices and your corporate guidelines. We are skilled at managing everything from large complex projects to small communications.

We have written, edited and designed documents of national and international significance for not-for profit organisations, government and non-government agencies, academic institutions and corporate organisations.

The combination of medical and digital expertise, robust content governance frameworks, national infrastructure and an unrelenting standard of quality, makes Ceutica's health content and medical writing group the only choice for health organisations, government and business.

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Our content promise

We deliver compelling health content and cross-platform digital programs that are:

  • Designed around a solid evidence-base to grow ideas, brands and businesses. 

  • Strategically crafted to stir emotion, inspire action and transform behaviours

  • Tailored to attract your target audience using your brand’s voice / persona

  • Edited to meet stringent TGA and Medsafe regulatory requirements & industry guidelines

  • Optimised for search engine results (SEO & SEM)

  • Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
  • Measured against metrics to maximise impact and ROI.


Our content team

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Our strategically savvy and talented pool of experienced clinicians, medical writers, health journalists, medical educators and science communicators have experience across the acute, primary, community and aged care sectors.

This depth of experience means we deeply understand health, have direct access to key influencers and know how to navigate the Australian and New Zealand health systems. 


Our content services  

We deliver a range of content products and services for health and medical organisations, businesses and governments. Click on the links below for more information

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