Science Engagement Tool Kit

Effective communication invites engagement. Scientists who enter into social dialogues bring much more than just the results of their research. They bring key insights into how we understand the systems they study and how we can best act upon the information provided.

By making true connections and focusing on the science of engagement, we can 
connect scientific experts with those who can advance the conversation - whether that means new collaborations, funding support, developing regulatory policy or encouraging the public to take direct action.


This tool kit contains a suite of practical tools to further assist health professionals, scientists, researchers, designers and innovators undertake science engagement activities. Check back for regular updates or follow us on facebook and twitter.


      This Framework of Principles has been adopted by the Australian, State and Territory governments to guide the development of science engagement initiatives. Download PDF
EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS       Inform your science activities with expert recommendations on improving science engagement and operations in key areas throughout Australia. Six reports are available outlining the findings of experts in their field.
NATIONAL AUDIT OF ACTIVITIES       Report from Australia's first snapshot of science engagement Download PDF  View the map of science engagement activities.
REGIONAL SUPPORT       Identify partnerships and linkages by working with Inspiring Australia Officers who can help you identify local and regional needs and provide up-to-date information about the state of science engagement locally.
MEDIA MANAGEMENT       Online short videos focused on how to pitch a story and make it newsworthy, how to handle media interviews and work with journalists.
SOCIAL MEDIA       Online short videos focused on blogging, tweeting and podcasting to enhance skills in promoting science and research messages.

Link into social media with ScienceAlert. This page provides credible, defensible and accurate science news and content drawn from Australasian universities, science centres and agencies to over 250 000 young Australians daily.

SHOWCASE SCIENCE       Forum for young scientists to increase the level of coverage for their research and emphasises the role of science in Australian society.
CONVERSATION TOOLS       Science for All. Public Engagement Tool
GRAPHICS       Post and share science-related visual material to enhance the messages of scientists, science communicators and journalists.
IMPROVE SCIENCE LITERACY       Interactive online sessions for journalists to improve their understanding of science and how to communicate science-related topics to a general audience.
WEBSITES (Local)       RiAus is Australia’s unique national science hub, promoting public awareness and understanding of science. At RiAus science is made fun, inspiring and accessible for all Australians.  
        Inspiring Australia is the national strategy for engagement with the sciences, working across all levels of government and industry to promote science and science literacy in Australia.
WEBSITES (international)       SpotOn is a series of community events for the discussion of how science is carried out and communicated online.


CEUTICA is a strategic content and communications specialist for health, science and technology related organisations. Our mission is to create a scientifically aware and engaged Australia.

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